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INFORSE Sustainable Energy Vision 2050 presented at Rio+10 in 2002
Sustainable Energy Vision 2050: A Proposal to Achieve a Sustainable Energy System, Following Environmental and Social Imperatives
By Gunnar Boye Olesen, Michael Kvetny, and Emilio Lebre la Rovere, from INFORSE - International Network for Sustaina
In the coming 50 years, it will be crucial that the world’s energy systems be made environmentally benign and sufficient to meet everybody’s energy needs. We have better technologies than ever before to use energy efficiently, and to use the world’s renewable energy resources without harming the environment. The purpose of this work is to show how we can use these technologies to change the unsustainable energy system worldwide into a sustainable system, following "imperatives" of securing environmental/ climate stability and equal access of energy services to all, including ensuring basic energy needs for all.
If we can keep global warming below 1°C within the coming century, and if we can return the rate of warming to below 0.1°C per decade within the next two - three decades, we should be able to reduce the speed of climate change to a level that nature can accommodate. To do this, we have to limit greenhouse gas reductions drastically. If we limit global CO2 to 250 Gton of Carbon or less within the 21st century, it should be possible to keep the atmospheric CO2 content close to or below 350 ppmv, and to keep climate change within a range that nature can adapt to in general We should also minimise other dangers of energy supply, including the hazards of nuclear power plants and their waste. Thus, nuclear power should be phased out.
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