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Combining Energy Access and Climate Protection
How energy can be provided with sustainable energy, reducing emissions and increasing wellbeing
Cases in Asia and Africa.
Compiled by the INFORSE members.
This publication highlights sustainable energy solutions that improve energy access and livelihood even as they reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. It is produced by INFORSE, the International Network for Sustainable Energy, in cooperation with ENDA/ INFORSE-West Africa, INSEDA/ INFORSE-South Asia, and the Mali Folkecenter.

List of Contents:
- Energy Access and Climate Protection Overview and Conclusions.
- Solar Lantern for Rural Household Lighting and Cell Phone Charging in Mali. Mali Folkecenter.
- Jatropha oil production for local energy use, Mali. Mali Folkecenter.
- "A Household, a Solar Lamp" Project in Togo. ATODES/ENDA.
- Baking Ovens: Promotion of Improved Hybrid Ovens Using Gas/woodfuel in Senegal. ENDA.
- The Impact of the Removal of the Subsidy on LPG on Households,Small Production Companies, and Market Services in Senegal. ENDA.
- Carbon Credit under the Gold Standard for Household Biogas Plants,India. INSEDA.
- Appropriate Renewable Energy Using Bamboo and Wood within the Eco-Village Developments. INSEDA and WAFD.
- Income Generation for Poor Women through Solar Dryers in India. AIWC.
- Commercialisation of Anagi Improved Cookstoves in Sri Lanka. IDEA.

The cases were collected in the framework of the Programme "Southern Voices on Climate Change". The Programme is made by a consortium of five Danish NGOs, Climate Action Network and IIED. It is coordinated by CARE Denmark and funded by the DANIDA. INFORSE activities also include INFORSE-South Asia, INFORSE-Africa, INFORSE-Europe, and the Danish INFORSE member Sustainable Energy.
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