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Study of the Introduction of Renewable Energy in the EU
Current situation and trends in renewable energy in the 25 EU countries, policies for renewable energy and energy efficiency, EU Emission Trading Scheme. Compiled by INFORSE-Europe for EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.
The study outlines these developments in three countries - the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Hungary.
In the report’s annex you can find an overview of each country with basic statistical data and graphs describing its economy and energy supply.

Compiled in 2005-06 by the International Network for Sustainable Energy - Europe (INFORSE-Europe) for the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.

Of the total of 200 pages, the report comprises 92; in addition, there are 25 Country Annexes.

The authors from INFORSE-Europe are:
- Gunnar Boye Olesen (EU Chapter),
- Pete West (UK Chapter),
- Emil Bedi (Czech Republic Chapter),
- Judit Szoleczky (Hungary Chapter), and
- Niki Fowler.

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A free PDF version (2.7 MB) can be downloaded from
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