Library Database of Local Sustainable Climate Solutions in South Asia

The library database includes 50+ local sustainable solutions, 200+ media (photos, graphics, videos), 30+ publications , and 13 organisations, from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka by end of 2023. The local sustainable solutions are searchable according to name, countries and by 7 categories and 20 subcategories. The categories include cooking solutions, off-grid power and light, heating and cooling, water supply, gardening and agriculture, village planning, and other. Under each categories there are subcategories. The subcategories include improved cookstoves, biogas, electric cooking, improved kitchen, solar cookers; solar home systems, solar lanterns, street lights, pico/micro hydro, solar driers, r ain water harvesting, hydraulic ram pump, solar water pump, water tanks, micro-irrigation; organic composting, kitchen gardening, household forestry, greenhouses, trees with high value, mushroom farming, soil and water conservation; village development planning, and other. The publications are searchable by books, periodicals, article, policy, and other.The media are searchable according to photos, graphics, and videos. The organisations, which contributed to solutions are searchable by countries, and at each organization you can find, which solutions or publications are associated with the organization.

NEW contribution are welcome: The project partners welcome new contributions in all categories (solutions, publications, and organisations working on the field connected to the solutions) after the project ended. Please contact the INFORSE Secretariat and the partners (link) of your country.  

Eco-Village Development (EVD) Project:

NGO organizations of INFORSE-South Asia (INSEDA, India; CRT/N, Nepal; Grameen Shakti, Bangladesh; and IDEA, Sri Lanka) cooperate on joint projects for combinations of local solutions in a eco-village development (EVD) concept. The target is existing villages and the objective is to enable and strengthen their sustainable development in ways that limit climate change, protect environment and reduce poverty with increased livelihoods.

The Projects are coordinated by DIB, from Denmark. The project partners also include the INFORSE Secretariat and Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA). The overall objective of the projects are to strengthen the development to reduce poverty, in ways that limit greenhouse gas emissions (mitigate climate change), increase climate adaptation and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The specific objective of the project is to influence national decision-makers, including climate negotiators, to be aware of and better include local climate mitigation and adaptation solutions including sustainable EVD as important elements in their climate-related policies and in their proposals for international negotiations, including for climate negotiations.

Focus on Local, Sustainable and Low-carbon Solutions and Participatory Planning

The sustainable EVD include integrated use of local solutions that together can form a low-carbon development path and show a vision for a prosperous development for villages, based on proven, local successes. Most focus are on villages in rural areas since the majority of the population lives in South Asia. Participatory assessment and planning and focus on gender/women's roles are an important part of the concept.

The current database is made to support the advocacy with documented solutions, publications etc., and also to inspire other actors and villagers to take up the solutions and expand the eco-village development.

The database was developed in the framework of the project titled “Next generation low carbon, climate resilient Eco-Village Development in South Asia “ in 2021-23. The Project has been supported by CISU – Civil Society in Development, Denmark

Read more:

INFORSE Asia website: Eco-Village Development Project inforse.org/asia/EVD.htm

General web site on the Eco-Village Development project: ecovillagedevelopment.net

INFORSE Asia website: Overview of Publications of Eco Village Development www.inforse.org/asia/Publications_EcoVillageDevelopment_SouthAsia.htm

The database for Eco-Village Development in South Asia was developed by the NGO cooperation project:
“Next generation low carbon, climate resilient Eco-Village Development in South Asia “ in 2021-23.
The database includes local sustainable solutions, media (photos, graphics, videos), publications, and organisations.
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