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Proceeding of the Pan-European Sustainable Energy NGO Seminar - INFORSE-Europe September, 2001, Denmark

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Proceeding's Contents

A. Sessions on Successes and Challenges for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency:

How can we meet the climate goals in a sustainable way?
Sessions on current development and technical challenges:

1. Renewable Energy in Europe

2. Energy Efficiency in Western Europe

  • Potentials for Limiting Energy Consumption by Improving Technology and by Adopting a Decent Way of Life.

  • Sustainable Energy Future - Nordic Perspective (316 kB word file)
    By Jørgen Nørgård, PhD, Danish Technical University (Jørgen has worked on energy efficiency for more than 20 years and has a worldwide reputation in the field)
  • Development in Denmark and EU, Late Trends, Results of Policies?

  • By Peter Back, Danish Energy Agency (Peter is working on implementation of the Danish energy conservation strategy)

3. Energy Efficiency in CEE

  • Short Status after 10 years of Restructuring. Introduction Successes with Energy Efficiency.

  • By Andrei Lavinia, CAN-CEE, and OlexiPasyuk,  CEE Bankwatch Network.
  • Successes with Energy Efficiency - Cases.

  • Presented by participants (no text available online):
    Energy Brigades in Bulgaria. By Ginette Soriano Garcia, Za Zemiata;
    Energy Brigades in Georgia. By Lasha Chkhetia, Georgia Green Movement;
    Energy Efficiency Auditing and Curriculum Planning in Galati. By Ion Constantin Zamfir, Prietenii Pamintului, Romania
    Straw House Buildings in Belarus. By Evgeny Shirokov, Belorus Division of the Int. Academy of Ecology

B. Sessions on Policies & Measures to Reach the Energy and Climate Goals.

C. NGO Co-operation