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Proceeding of the Pan-European Sustainable Energy NGO Seminar - INFORSE-Europe September, 2001, Denmark

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List of the visited places during the Tour:

Copenhagen Energy and Environment Office (KMEK)
-  Activities of KMEK
 - Urban ecology solutions and local Agenda-21 at the organisation
-  Organisation of a wind coopeartive, off-shore windturbines "Middelgrunden"
Host: Ann Vikkelsø, KMEK

INFORSE Secretariat
- Activities of INFORSE, the International Network for Sustainable Energy and the
Forum for Energy and Development (FED) a Danish NGO umbrella organisation
Host: Michael Kvetny, FED & INFORSE

"Middelgrunden" and "Lynetten" Windpower Co-operatives
Host: Ann Vikkelsø and Alfred Christensen, KMEK

Eltra Electricity Dispatch Center, (Fredericia).
Integration of renewable energy in electricity grids.
Eltra manages the electric grid of Jutland and Funen.
Eltra has the world's largest share of intermittent renewables.

OVE's Environmental Office House
- Activities of OVE, the Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy. Host: Kaare Albrechtsen
- Environmental renovation of houses. The office house is a well renovated old urban house.

"Studsgade 12"
Urban Ecology Project in Århus. Host: Hans-Jakob Jakobsen, Aarhus Energy and Environment Information Office

Hjortshøj Eco-village
Guided Tour by Peter Myatt (Hjortshøj Eco-village; Gunnar Boye Olesen (OVE)

Viborg Cogeneration Plant
Large plant with modern design. The plant is based on natural gas.

Local landfill gas plant in Fårup near Viborg.
New design of landfill gas plants suited smaller landfills/low-cost. Host: Ole Elmose, Viborg Energy and Environment Information Office

Danish Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (FC)
Guided Tour by Jane Kruse, FC