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Contents SEN 68
SEN 68 frontpage
Editorial p. 2
From Climate Downturn to Leadership

World p. 3
- Climate after Copenhagen
- Wind and Solar Energy Records

Europe pp. 4-8
EU Policy Update p. 4-5
- Renewable Energy Action Plans in June 2010
- Beyond 20%
- Sustainability of Biomass
- Ecodesign: Peaceful Standby, Many More Products to be Covered

INFORSE-Europe News p. 6
- European Sustainable-Energy Seminar, October 6-8, 2010, CAT, Wales, UK
- Successful Policy Seminar, April 27
- Funding for INFORSE-Europe
- Follow EU Policies More Closely
- National Energy Policy Seminars
- Sufficiency in EU Policies
- More Sustainable Energy Visions
- Campaigns and Exhibitions in Belarus, Romania, and Latvia
- Southeast European Cooperation
- COP15 Follow-up
- Solar Prize Awarded to INFORSE-Europe

Theme: Gender, Climate & Energy pp. 7-11
- Women Say: “Don’t Nuke the Climate”
- Gender Justice at COP15: Half of Nothing is Nothing
- Gender, Cities and Climate Change
- Climate at UN Status of Women Conference
- Community Radio Spreading
- Publications
- Events

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