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Event: Webinar Launch of South Asia Database of Local Climate Solutions for Eco-Village Development
Date: 31th August 2022
Time: 14.00 in India & Sri Lanka; 14.30 in Bangladesh; 14.15 Nepal
Location: Online

Explore the NEW Online Database of Local Solutions, Publications, Media, & Orgnaisations.

The Database includes 40+ Solutions in the 6 main Categories from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
The Main Categories are: Cooking, Off Grid Power, Heating and Cooling, Water Supply, Organic Gardening and Agriculture, and Village Development Planning tools. There are about 4 subcategories in each category. There are about 5-8 cases from each country.

Webinar Presentations:
1. Welcome and opening remarks: Satosh Patnaik from CAN South Asia and Judit Szoleczky from INFORSE
2. Keynote: Why did we establish the database? What are the main gaps and challenges? What does the database include: Local solutions, Publications, Organizations, Media: By Gunnar Boye Olesen from INFORSE and Sanjiv Nathan from INFORSE-South Asia
3. Experiences from INSEDA in India – Challenges and Successes: By Sanjiv Nathan from INSEDA, India
4. Solutions in Sri Lanka: By Dumindu Herath from Integrated Development Association, Sri Lanka
5. Solutions in Bangladesh: By Abdul Arif from Grameen Shakti, Bangladesh
6. Solutions in Nepal: By Poonam Bhatt and Anzoo Sharma from Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal
7. Four Projects of All India Women’s Conference Branches in Kerala, India: By Usha Nair from All India Women’s Conference, India

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