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Sustainable Energy Successees

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1.INTRODUCTION /General Information

2.ENERGY CONSERVATION CAMPAIGNS (introduction with sub contents)

  • European Energy-Saving and Environmental Campaign for Schools
  • Clean Energy Brigades in the Czech Republic
  • The First Romanian Energy Brigades in Action in a Kindergarten (2002)
3.ENERGY EFFICIENCY PROJECTS (introduction with sub contents)
  • Combined Heat-and-Power System, the Oncology Institute in Prague
  • Energy Performance Contracting and Energy Savings in the Czech Republic
  • Energy Saving Programme for Public Buildings in the Lithuanian Republic
  • Energy Savings on a Prefabricated Block of Flats in the Czech Republic (2002)
  • Straw as a Building Material: Low-Energy Straw Houses in Belarus, Straw-Bale House for Chernobyl Settlers and Straw-Bale Farmhouse under the State Program
Solar Energy (introduction with sub contents)
  • Simple Successes
  • Solar Heating at the Bellevue Hotel in the Czech Republic
  • Solar Water Heating in a Hotel at the Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria
  • Solar Collector System for Krasnodar Regional Hospital in Russia
  • Solar Hot Water for Children's Sanatorium in Odessa, Ukraine
  • Cross-Border Dissemination of Austrian Solar DIY-Construction System
  • Solar Collectors in Hungary
  • New Solar Heating Manufacture, Romania (2002)
  • Solar Heating in the Hostetin Biosphere Reserve, Czech Republic (2002)
  • Solar Collector at a Secondary Industrial School in Breclav, Czech Republic (2002)
  • Solar Heating and Cooling in Armenia (2002)
Wind Energy (introduction with sub contents)
  • Wind Energy Development in Poland
  • A Small Wind-Power Plant in Istinka, Russia
  • Wind-Powered Water Heating for a Mountain Villa near Sofia, Bulgaria
  • First Grid Connected Wind Mills is in Hungary (2002)

Hydro Power (introduction with sub contents)

  • Small Hydro-Power Plants in Slovakia
  • Small Hydro-Power Plant in Jasenie, Slovakia
  • Viable and Environmental Benign Hydropower, Estonia (2002)
  • Small Hydro-Power Plants in Armenia (2002)

(introduction with sub contents)

  • A Biogas Plant in Batka, Slovakia
  • Biomass Heating for the Town of Kardasova Recice, the Czech Republic
  • Wood Waste Heating Improves Environment and Saves Money in Campeni, Romania (2002)
  • Straw Heating - Best Decision of  Farm in Prasice, Slovakia (2002)
Traditional Ways of Using Alternative Energy Sources (introduction with sub contents)
  • Water Mills in Apuseni Mountains, Romania
  • The "Valyavitsa" in Zheleznitsa, Bulgaria

5.TRAINING CENTERS (introduction with sub contents)

  • ARTEFACT - Successful Solar School & Center in Germany
  • FOLKECENTER- Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Denmark
  • CAT - Center for Alternative Technology in Wales, UK
  • Renewable Energy Diplomas in Hungary
  • Energy and Environment Center in Deister
  • Samsø Energy Academy, Denmark
Other Sustainable databases
  • Calla Database
  • Helio-International's
  • Managenergy