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Danish-Hungarian NGO Cooperation Project

Study Tour Program, May 12-20, 2001 in Denmark

Sunday,  May 13
11.00   Arrival. Welcome ! Walk, Lunch, Hjortshøj, AiH
14.00   Guided Tour at AiH, Hjortshøj
 -  Introduction by Judit Szoleczky, OVE-Europe and AiH
-  Building technics (clay, paper insolation, compost toilets etc). By Peter Myatt, Økotech/AiH
   (Common House, Environmentally fiendly solutions at Exhibtion and Test House and houses)
-  Heating system. Wood pillet boiler. By Gunnar Boye Olesen, chairman, Energy Association/AiH
-  Green Guide´s work. By Pierre Lecuelle, engineer, Green Guide/AiH
-  Waste Water in AIH by Anke Stubsgaard, micro biologist /AiH
17.30   Roundtable at OVE-Europe’s Office, Exhibition and Test House
 -  Introduction of OVE. By Gunnar Boye Olesen and Judit Szoleczky
 -  Looking through the material of the mobile exhibition material and the program
18.30   Welcome Dinner
Sleep: Hjortshøj/AIH

Monday,  May 14
8.00    Breakfast
9.00    Departure to North West Denmark
12.00  Arrival and Lunch at the Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Ydby
14.00  NIVE Energy & Environment Office
    Lecture on “Organising self-built solar collectors". By Jesper B. Larsen, NIVE
15.30 Guided Tour at the Folkecenter. By Jane Kruse, Folkecenter (FC)
    Development, demo, training center for renewables (PV, wind, solar collectors, strawhouse, waste water etc)
18.00  Plantoil for cars. (Modified motor and  extraction of plantoil) By Niels Ansø, engineer /FC
19.00  Dinner at the Folkecenter
20.00  Discussion  - ppresentations of the Hungarian organisations to the trainees and staff of the Folkecenter
   Presentation of Preben Meagaard, dir. of FC about the Energy laws in Denmark/Germany,
   and possibilties for Hungary in development (e.g. small wind mills)
Sleep: Folkecenter

Tuesday, May 15
8.00       Breakfast
9-14.00  Guided Tour at the projects around the Folkecenter
    Zero energy house by Jane Kruse and discussion at the wind power workshop with Preben Meggard
    Visit wave enerry plant, windmill (Hanstholm), farm biogas plant, natural gas cogeneration plant
15.00     Viborg Energy & Environment Office, and the Energy Center
    Energy Center/utilities. By Pia Madsen.
    Energy and Env. Office. How did it started, what is the role today? By Bent Sørensen.
   (Local office and main coordination office of the 21 Energy & Env. Offices (SEK)
   (Published with OVE the Energy Handbook in '92 also in Hungarian. Reflex translated).
   Short presentation of the landfill gas project
18.30    Dinner at a Restaurant in Viborg, discussion continues with Bent
Sleep: Youth Hostel in Viborg

Wednesday,  May 16
8.00       Breakfast and Departure
10.00     Aidt Miljø, solar system for self installation
    Visit the factory. Comparism of different models, (Denmark, Austria), economy and policy.
    Lecture by Torkil Forman
13.00    Lunch.
15.00    Visit “Green Office”,  Aarhus
-  Presentation of OVE’s main office and its work by Finn Tobiesen, architect, OVE.
-  Guided Tour in the eco-renovated office building by Hans Jakob Jakobsen,architect,
   leader of Energy & Environment Office in Aarhus
-  Presentation of the Hungarian Organisations
    Discussion, questions. Planing of the tour to Hungary. By Gunnar Boye Olesen, OVE-Europe
    Dinner at the office ordered from a Pizzeria
Sleep: Hjortshøj/AIH

Thursday, May 17
8.00    Breakfast and Departure, Travel to Copenhagen by Ship Aarhus-Kalunborg (10.00-12.40)
12.30  Lunch on the ship
14.45  - Copenhagen Energy and Environment Office (KMEK)
-  How the biggest offshore wind coopeartive of the world were organised by Ann Vikkelsø, engineer
-  Waste Selection and Recyling in Nørrebro by Jørgen Martinus, biologist/KMEK
-  Low energy windows campaign by Ann Vikkelsø, engineer/daily leader/KMEK
17.00  Short presentation of the Hungarian Organisations and discussion of possible future coopeartion areas,
    which continues during the dinner
18.15  Dinner in a Cafe
Sleep: Huts in Hundige Camping

Friday, May 18
8.00     Breakfast and Departure
9.45     School Energy Forum, Energy House, Rødovre, By Janus Hendrichsen.
11.00   Travel to Torup
12.30-15 Guided Tour in Torup, Eco-village by Lisbeth Berg
 -  Eco-Architecture (dome, experimental eco-buildings), Energy & Env.Office, the wind cooperative
17.00   Tour to Visit the Mairmaide and see from there the Middlegrunden windmills, walk in the city
           Dinner in the town.
Sleep:  Youth Hostel in Lyngby, in “Jaegersborg Dyrhave”

Saturday, May 19
8.00   Breakfast
9.00   Plant oil for cars and other coopeartion possibilities. Presentation and discussion with Niels Otto Pedersen
Departure to Hungary