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logo of INFORSE Logo of UNFCCC COP14 Poznan

Side Event: December 6, 2008
at the UNFCCC COP14
United Nations Climate Change Conference
Poznan, Poland

INFORSE-WECF Side Event, COP14 Poznan INFORSE-WECF Side Event, COP14 Poznan INFORSE-WECF Side Event, COP14 Poznan

Sustainable Energy & CC Policies:
Poverty Reduction in Asia & EECCA.
Zero Carbon Scenario in EU
- Successes to reduce poverty, new manuals for development solutions with less GHG in South Asia, sustainable energy visions / scenarios for North.
- Exchange of views among NGOs, EECCA governments & UN on capacity building, role of women, technology transfer, UNFCCC mechanisms, human rights.
Program (pdf 60 kB)

Chair: Roque Pedace, (INFORSE-Latin America, Rejima, Argentina) (right), Sabina Bock (WECF) (left).
Poverty Reduction via Sustainable Energy

Experiences from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka

Overview of NGO experiences to reduce poverty with renewable energy: biogas, solar, wind, water etc in South Asia. Micro financing in Bangladesh. Manual of Solutions published by INFORSE in English, Hindi, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Singhalese (CD).
By Raymond Myles, INFORSE South Asia & INSEDA, India; (handouts 755 kB)
Solar driers used by women in India. AIWC experiences using renewable energy to reduce poverty.
By Farida Hussain, All India Women’s Conference (AIWC), India; (handouts 315 kB)
- Farida holds a mambo bar in her hand, which was dried in a solar drier by women in India. There was a short film on the mambo bar and it was tasted by many at the event.
CRT's Experiences with small scale renewable energy solutions in Nepal: Biomass based cooking stoves, improved watermills, solar dryers, cookers, PV lamps.
By Lumin Kumar Shrestha, and Centre for Rural Technology (CRT-N), Nepal. (handouts 203 kB)
Experiences from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Ukraine
A solar project in Kyrgyzstan: Solar cookers and pasteurizers, low cost installations, training courses in villages.
By Evgeny Bogatikov, Ecological Movement „BIOM“, Kyrgyzstan; (handouts 594 kB)
Energy saving projects in Tajikistan: Challenges and Outcomes: insulation, greenhouses, efficient stoves exchange with Nepal. Problems and Obstacles
By Timur Idrisov, Little Earth, Tajikistan; (handouts 589 kB)
Renewable Energy potential in Georgia, legal framework and its problems and solutions. Activities: Studies identifying opportunities, awareness raising campaigns, education.
By Ketevan Kiria and Greens Movement/FoE-Georgia. (handouts 239 kB)
Visions on Sustainable Energy Policies
Transition to Sustainable Energy in 25-50 years.
  100 % Renewables by 2050, Scenario for Europe. Benefits for Employment in Poland.
By Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe/OVE, Denmark (handouts 163 kB)
Power Down with Efficiency, Power Up with Renewables, Carbon Free Before 2030 in UK.
By Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales, ZeroCarbonBritain, UK (handouts 721 kB)
Mobilize Women as Change Makers! Ensure Gender Equity in the Post-2012 Regime

Examples of women who are working on gender equity and climate change.Women’s Voices: Lobby and Advocacy. No Nuclear in CDM and JI!.
By Ruth Bond, National Federation of Women’s Institutes, UK (handouts 114 kB),and Irene Dankelmann (on photo), WECF, (handouts 196 kB)

Presentations can be also downloaded as pdf file handouts at the UNFCCC 's list of side event and on there is a review at WECF website as well.

Pictures: INFORSE exhibition at COP14
and Pictures: COP14 Official & NGO

NFORSE's delegates travel is supported by the Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment, EU DG Environment operational grant for INFORSE-Europe, the Swedish Acid Rain Secretariat and Henrich Böll Foundation.

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- INFORSE at COP14 in 2008 in Poznan, Poland.

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