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1 Million Solar Roofs in USA
'Lets install solar energy systems on one million U.S. buildings by 2010'
This Initiative was announced by President Clinton on June 26, 1997, in his speech before the United Nations Session on Environment and Development. In the frame of the ìOne Million Solar Roofs Initiativeî, the U.S. Department of Energy will work to remove market barriers to solar energy use and develop and strengthen local demand for solar energy products and applications. The Initiative will encourages the participation of all interested individuals, businesses, industries, governments, federal agencies, utilities, and non-governmental organizations. The Initiative will provide: Recognition on a national, regional, and local basis. Training, technical assistance, and information. Assistance in accessing low-cost loans. Further, President Clinton has committed the US Federal Government to install solar energy systems on 20,000 Federal buildings by 2010. Source:
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