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CSD9 Discussions Started
Three years before the UN Commission for Sustainable Development will have sustainable energy on its agenda at its ninth session (CSD9) in 2001, the preparations have already started. At the invitation of Austria, experts discussed the potential agenda for CSD9 at a meeting in Vienna in June. Based on experiences from INFORSE, the Danish Forum for Energy and Development presented a strategy for promoting sustainable energy via local communities. It stated that a local community approach must be an important part of multilateral programs for sustainable energy, including a global capacity-building program for local communities. The ability to establish a partnership with local stakeholders, including local NGOs and decision-makers, is a key to success in promoting and implementing renewable and sustainable energy. INFORSE will continue to follow the preparations for CSD9 and will strive to have INFORSE member organisations present at all major events. More info: INFORSE Secretariat. Available document: “Local Community Strategy for Promotion and Implementation of Renewable and Sustainable Energy” by H. Bjerregaard.
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ISSUE #22 (1998-09-01)
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