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UNDP-GEF New Trend Supports Micro Hydro
$15 million is given to the Hilly Hydro Project in India.
The Hilly Hydro Project is the first such project funded by the GEF anywhere in the world. The $15 million project is supported by UNDP-GEF and the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources of the Government India. The project aims to set up at least 20 micro-hydro projects and upgrade at least 100 water mills in the hilly regions of the North and North-east of India. Source: P.K. Jayanthan, Hilly Hydro Project c/o TERI, Habitat Place, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110003, India. Ph: +91-114622246, fax: +91-114645229, e-mail:
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ISSUE #20 (56KB - text only) 33 pages (1998-02-01)
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