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Contents SEN 65 - Theme: Women
Ssustainable Energy News, issue 65, July 2009
Editorial p. 2
Women in Focus

World p. 3
Towards a Copenhagen Deal via Bonn and G8

Europe p. 4-5
Swedish EU Presidency
Recession Lowers Cost of Reductions and Compromises
Revision of Energy-Efficiency Action Plan
Building Directive
Report on Energy Service Directive
Structural Funds

INFORSE-Europe Activities
European Sustainable Energy Seminar November 11-13, 2009, Germany
EU Policy Seminars: Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark and Slovakia
Belarus - Baltic Project
Power & Place Seminar, October 2-4, 2009, CAT, UK
Sustainable Energy Visions

Reviews p. 6
“The Age of Stupid” Eco-documentary Film to Change History, NOT stupid Campaign
What Science Tells Us Today, and What Can We Do? Report

Women in Bonn’09
- Lobby for the Integration of Gender into the Copenhagen Outcomes
- “Don’t Nuke the Climate” Action, & Side Event, Bonn, June, 2009
WECF to Change CDM rules
50-50 Campaign for Democracy
Swedish EU Presidency: Full Speed on Gender Equality
Road to Copenhagen Forum via Wiki
Environmental Polls in Estonia
Create a UN Women’s Agency Now!
Brussels Women’s Energy Club (Book)
Prize of US$ 1.5 Million, Bangladesh

- Gender and Climate Finance: Double Mainstreaming for Sustainable Development by Heinrich Böll Foundation
- Resource Guide on Gender and Climate Change by UNDP.
- Training Manual on Gender and Climate Change by GGCA, (IUCN, UNDP, WEDO, UNESCO, FAO, ENERGIA.)
- Report: Small-Scale Bioenergy Initiatives by PISCES
- Biofuels for Sustainable Rural Development and Empowerment of Women, by ENERGIA
- Gender and Equity in Bioenergy Access and Delivery in Kenya, PISCES

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