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Contents - Contact List - Europe 2002 in SEN Nr 38
Front page of Contact List Europe 2002
12 pages
About 300 adresses of organisations working on sustainable energy: renewable energy and energy efficiency.
There are 50 INFORSE-Europe members on the list.

Please send us corrections!
Name of organisation:__________
Description: __________
Contact person: __________
Address: __________
Ph: __________
Fax: __________
e-mail: __________
http:// __________

e-mail changes to:

The list is sorted alphabetically according to the names of the counties:

Albania, Armenia, Austria,
Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria,
Croatia, Czech Republic,
Denmark, Estonia, France,
Georgia, Germany,Great Britain,
Greece, Hungary, Iceland,
Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan,
Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia,
Malta, Moldova, Netherlands,
Norway, Poland, Portugal,
Romania, Russia, Serbia,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey,
Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
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ISSUE #38 - Contact List - Europe 2002 (210 KB pdf file) 12 pages (2002-10-01)
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