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New Wind Record
BTM Consult
In 1998, about 2,590 MW of new wind power capacity was installed worldwide.
NGO-involvement, How?
- Join the CSD energy caucus e-mail list:, and visit the lists’ website
- Join the work of INFORSE to develop NGO material to CSD9: contact the INFORSE Secretariat, att. Michael Kvetny.
- Propose a good candidate from your country to its official seat in CSD9 preparatory committee, and from your region to its bureau.
- Follow the national preparations. This is 66% more than the previous record year, 1997.

The total worldwide capacity reached 10,000 MW by the end of 1998 from some 38,500 wind turbines installed during the past 19 years. These wind turbines will produce about 20 TWh/yr - corresponding to 0.15% of the world’s total demand for electricity today. In 1998, half of the capacity was installed in 3 countries: Germany, Denmark and Spain.

Information: BTM Consult
Press Release 22.04.99,
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