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INFORSE Coordinators E-mail Meeting
During the Climate Convention negotiations, that will take place on November 2-13, INFORSE will be active in a number of initiatives.
On the agenda will be the follow-up and status of the INFORSE Action Plan for 1998-99, including INFORSE activities towards CSD9, the UN Commission for Sustainable Development's 9th Session, which is slated for 2001, and is specially dedicated to sustainable energy; development of South-South-North Cooperation projects; and appointment of national focal points.

The meeting will include discussion of proposals from the INFORSE regions as well as from individual INFORSE member organisations. Proposals for the meeting should be sent to the Secretariat, and must be received no later than January 8. Proposals should be marked 'For Coordinators' Meeting '99' and preferably sent by e-mail to with a copy to the nearest coordinator.
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